Do you have pots ready to ship?

Yes, click here to see what I currently have ready to ship.


How long do I have to wait for my "painted to order" pot to ship?

Please expect 2-3 weeks for your pot to complete it's 10-step process. This does not include weekends or the estimated delivery time. Any rush to our dedicated process may impact the final piece of your pot. 


    How do I care for your pots?

    Strongly recommended for indoor use or as a decorative pot to preserve and protect the paint on pots. Do not stack pots, it may cause paint to chip. Frequent water overflow will cause paint to fade, flake or other paint defects.

    TO CLEAN: Wipe exterior with a damp microfiber cloth or soft cloth.

    USAGE: Pot plants directly into pot, avoid packing soil to the very top or it will overflow when watered. Can also be used with potted plants in plastic nursery pots.


    Did you made the pots?

    No, I did not make the pots. For this reason, you may find minor imperfections such as cracks or bumps.


    Do you provide wholesale to retail businesses?

    Yes, click here to view my wholesale.


    Can I order in bulk for a special event? (baby shower, party favor, bridal shower etc.?)

    Yes, please send me a message to inquire about bulk purchases. Minimum quantity order of 10 required. My turnaround time for bulk orders are 2 - 4 weeks.


    Do you paint custom pots?

    Yes, I do. Currently I am not accepting custom orders at this time.


    Are the pots safe for my plants?

    Totally safe! The acrylic paint I used is low in toxicity level and it's water-based. It will not harm your plant or soil.

    The pot itself is still porous but layered with paint and seal. When watering, the water will drain down the drainage hole. The seal only serves as a protective layer between the terracotta pot and the paint. Overtime, frequent watering and use of the pot may cause paint defects. With proper pot care, you can preserve the pot art much longer.

    Can I pot directly into your pots?

    You bet! I also recommend using my pots as a decorative pot so you can keep the plant in its original nursery pot. 


    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, please send me a message to inquired about international shipping.


    What kind of paint do you use? What is the exact brand you used?

    I used a variety of acrylic paint. To see my detail step by step process, you may purchase my guide here.


    I ordered the wrong pot size? Can I return and exchange for the correct size?

    Please make sure you select the correct size before purchasing pots! All pots painted to order are final sale. 

    If the correct item or size on your order was shipped, returns are not eligible.

    Please see my Refund & Exchange Policy here for more information.