Serenity Collection: First Instock Ready to Ship Pot Release

Serenity Collection: First Instock Ready to Ship Pot Release

Serenity is defined by as "the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled." 

For the very first time ever since opening Aloe Painted Pots, I created my first set of instock pots. Instock, by my definition of being pots already painted and ready to ship as soon as it's purchased! I was ecstatic! A lot of time - hours and hours - go into prepping each pot, priming, painting and adding finishing touches before they're ready to be potted in. 

For this collection I chose these super cute 4" rimmed pots. They're perfect for bringing my Serenity visual to life. They're also available as an option for all my pots if you're interested in these size. 

I painted a total of 4 Serenity pots, with only 2 of each style available. Naming this set was quite the challenge. What do you think?

Serenity Collection

Purple Dreamer (left), Rainbow-tastic (top), Fos-scape Mounds (bottom), and lastly, Drifted Away (right)

Each style represent an unrealistic scenery that brings me a sense of serenity. A visual in my mind that bring me peace. The first pot I painted was the Purple Dreamer. If you've never seen a cotton candy sun set, I suggest searching that up on google, it the inspiration behind this pot. A lot of clouds, a lot of purple and pink as well. I mean, how dreamy is that!

Fog-scape Mounds was my second style. I've never seen mountains in real life so I had to study them through google images I found. One day, I hope to stand in front of the real thing. I assumed, it is breathtaking as it's the inspiration behind this style. If I could choose where to live, I would love to wake up to a golden sunrise with morning foggy mountains as the first view I see. Isn't that a sight to see?! Evergreen trees, disappearing through the fogs and distant mountains, it makes you wonder what's beyond the view....sighs.

For my next style, I imagined hot air balloons surrounded by puffy voluminous dusky clouds. Can hot air balloons travel up that high? Hrm, that's a question for google! Truth is, I've never been in one of these magnificent thing but it's quite the lovely experience I bet. It's definitely on my bucket list!

Lastly, the classic rainbow. This one is huge and colorful, making it's way across the pot for a complete 180 degree view. To me, rainbows are a delight view after a dark gloomy thunderstorm. Sort of like, a hurrah to keep going.

As a dreamer, I hope this set can set a serene atmosphere for your space. Turn it into a tranquil space you can relax in after a long day. Let it be the first sight you see when you enter your home or quiet place.

You can shop this set here.

Ready to ship and ready for its new home.

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