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Aloe Painted Pots

Paint Your Own Pot Kit | Terracotta Pot Painting | Painting Kit for Kids | Pot Painting Kit for Everyone | Painting Activity for All

Paint Your Own Pot Kit | Terracotta Pot Painting | Painting Kit for Kids | Pot Painting Kit for Everyone | Painting Activity for All

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So you want to paint your own pot? This kit includes all the essential tools and pot needed to paint a beautiful pot of your own. Great as an activity for everyone, kids and adult included. Perfect for days when you're stuck indoor because of the weather or when you're in the mood to create something creative.

After your pot is painted and sealed, you can use it to plant seeds from your favorite flower or a small house plant. Also great as a decorative pot for holding pens and small tools on your desk. Or maybe you want to paint a pot as a gift to someone special.

What's included in the kit?

  • 1 Terracotta Pot
  • 5 Acrylic Paint Colors
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • 1 Seal
  • An instruction card

Choose from 2 pot size: Mini (2.25" x 2.25") and Semi (3.25" x 3") pot. Pots are terracotta pots, made from red clay with drainage hole.

Choose 5 colors of your choice from a variety of 14 vibrant acrylic colors. Acrylic paint are thick, vibrant and dries easily.

The seal is used to protect your paintwork on the pot to make it last longer.

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Economy (NOT FOR POTS)

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  • recommended only for non-pot items.

If you select this option for orders that include pots, you are willing to risk potential postal damages during transit and unexpected delayed delivery. A refund is not guarantee.    

USPS Priority Mail (FOR POTS)

  • 2 to 4 business days shipped via USPS
  • delivery time may not be accurate depending on your location
  • recommended for orders with pots.

The faster your pot arrives, the less risk of potential postal damages to your package during transit.


USPS Priority Express Mail

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  • fastest shipping and secured option.



USPS Priority Mail International

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USPS Priority Mail Express International

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Worldwide International

International shipping will be shipped via DHL express.


Shipping address:

Buyers are responsible for providing an accurate and up-to-date shipping address. If an item is not delivered to the buyer because of an inaccurate shipping address, a full refund is not guaranteed. 


Customs and import taxes

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I’m not responsible for delays due to customs.




Pots are measured in inches for the approximate dimensions: inner diameter and inner height of pot.

Pot Size

Inner Diameter (inches)

Height (inches)

Mini 2.25 2.25
Semi 3.25 3
Standard 4 3.5
Tall 4.125 5.25
Medium 5.5 5
XL 7.5 7.25
Rimmed 4.75 4
Cabo (S) 4.5 4
Cabo (M) 6 5.25
Cabo (L) 7 7


Tapered (Standard) Pots

Cabo Pots

Cabo Large size compares to Tapered XL size

Care information

Pots are terracotta pots made from clay. Pots are sealed inside to protect from water absorption and sealed outside to preserve and protect the painted work. These are my recommendations for use and care with painted pots.


Recommended Use:

Pots are strongly recommended for indoor use only. Do not use for outdoor. Do not stack pots, this may cause paint to chip.


Use as a decorative pot, with the plant potted into a separate plastic pot. The painted pot acts as a decorative pot so you can easily to remove the plant for watering.


Yes, you may pot directly into the painted pots. Please be aware that potting directly into painted pot and frequent watering can cause paint defects to develop. The pot is breathable and water can still seep through due to the pot's natural material. Overtime, the paint on the pot may fade, flake, lift, or develop other paint defects if you choose to pot directly into pot.


How to clean: Wipe exterior with a damp microfiber cloth or soft cloth to clean outside exterior.

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